Esalen Massage

Esalen massage therapy is a form of massage therapy that is a variation of the traditional Swedish massage. Esalen massage therapy does use many of the long flowing strokes that have become known as Swedish massage technique, but the focus and goals of Esalen massage therapy are what sets it apart from Swedish massage.

What are the biggest differences between Swedish massage and Esalen massage?

While Esalen massage therapy is a variation of traditional Swedish massage, there are many differences between the two forms of massage therapy . The following are the main noticeable differences between Esalen massage and Swedish massage:

Swedish massage has slightly different goals than Esalen massage. Swedish massage is focused on relieving pain and increasing mobility in specific muscles, joints, etc. Esalen, while also trying to accomplish this, is focused more on the body as a whole, and tries to harmonize the entire body, mind and spirit while also helping the patient to live more comfortably in his or her own body.

One of the biggest differences between Esalen massage and Swedish massage (as well as many other forms of massage, for that matter) is the attitude with which the practice views touch. Practitioners of Esalen massage therapy believe that touch is not just a benefit, but that it is a need for the body, as basic and necessary as food and water, and that touch can lead to greater happiness and healing (it also is based on the belief that true healing begins on the inside of the body and mind).

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