Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral therapy (CST), also known as craniosacral therapy, is a gentle, noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain.

Craniosacral therapy involves light touches on the bones in the skull (including the face and mouth), spine, and pelvis to release tension in the body and improve body movement.

Imbalances or disruptions in healthy cerebral spinal function can occur as a result of various forms of illnesses and physical or emotional trauma.  The central nervous system is vital to the functioning of all of the bodies processes.

Cranial sacral therapy seeks to restore the natural position of the bones and can decrease stress from chronic injuries as well as provide relief from migraine headaches, neck and back pain, temporomandibular joint disorder (the inflammation of the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull) and more.

The Cranial Sacral Therapist  feels and observes the cranial rhythm and pulse of cerebral spinal fluid, just as other practitioners listen to the bodies pulse, heart beat or respiratory  system.   Through a highly relaxing, gentle touch approach, the Cranial Sacral Therapist effects changes in the cerebral spinal flow, relieving tension, blockages and disruption in the nervous system.

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